We're back at OffLeaseOnly, with a nice little Mercedes roadster. This car is a year old, and has covered just under 4,000 miles. It features a nifty color combo, a folding hardtop, a 302hp V6 engine, all the usual Mercedes toys, and the worst case of automatic-designed-to-look-like-a-manual that I've ever seen. New, this car would run at least $57,000. But for the privilege of basically having someone else break in the engine for you, you get a $17,000 discount. I, personally, like the new, non-SLR nosed SLK, and cannot see why anyone would buy a brand-new one when this car is available. But I want to know what you think? Is this a great deal on a great little luxury sports car? Or would you not pay even a dime for a fashion accessory convertible with an auto box?

Yeah, that's an automatic shifter. At least it isn't a column shifter, which a lot of Benzes seem to be equipped with.