(Yes I already have one) Nonetheless, how is this 2005 Saab 9-2x Aero w/ 5MT and 254k on the dash just. so. damn. clean?

  1. It’s somehow a NY car with apparently zero rust (or least it was on 1/1/15, when these photos were shot).
  2. Clean all around. Like shockingly.
  3. Holy possible Saabaru mileage record.

The only way a EJ205 engine hits 254k is if someone meticulously maintains it. Like an overly-educated Saab owner. (The problem is WRX owners tend to do not that, instead dedicating their mad tyte jdm $$ to vape juice, flat brimmed hats, monster energy drink, and MOAR MODS.)

  1. Seller States: “There is a crack in the windsheild once bought it will be replaced.” It is unclear from the ad who is paying for that replacement.
  2. One of 421 Satin Grey, Manual, Aeros.

That being said the $4500 has me torn. Thoughts?