1 of 5000! Ford Centurion C150. According to Wikipedia Michigan based Centurion would start with a Crew Cab F150 or F350 pickup, on which they shortened the wheelbase to 140 inches (3,600 mm) and applied a Bronco rear end.

Early models used fiberglass rear body parts but later these were made from steel. The C150 C350 continued to be offered until the Bronco's demise in 1996.

This $5500 C150 rocks a brand numbian 351 engine, fresh rubber and a chrome bull bar. (The period correct flim'tastic aluminum roof rack would be the first thing I would remove if I were pulling the trigger on this hens tooth.)

While most of the paint appears serviceable the headlight valence shows tell tale traits of primer failure (Common for cars from this era). My guess is that the paint covering the roof over the cab looked similar until is was sprayed with a bed liner like substance.


This is exactly how my powerstroked C150 would look....


Happy Sunday!