Skip Cannon of the forums (and of the Cannon brace for NA diffs) is selling his Beauchamp Racing Lotus 7 mini-replica, supposedly the one of five built. I know a lot of us want cool project cars but maybe can’t afford one due to money and/or space so this could not take up a lot of space and be easy to do maintenance on. Not gonna lie, 5.5k$ is good-condition/not-rusty NA money for a car (the Miata) that, proportionally, zooms around faster than this little thing. Nice price or crack pipe?

I’m selling my 5/8 scale Lotus 7. It is powered by a 3.5 HP 100cc 4 stroke Predator engine and is capable of 35 MPH. It can be driven by an adult. It is the 5th and probably final such car hand built by Beauchamp Racing in Colorado Springs. The frame is steel tubing based on the Series 1 Lotus 7. Asking price is $5,500 not including crating and shipping.

The front suspension has functional coil suspension and based on the Series 1 Lotus 7. The rear suspension is solid mounted kart type with power going to one wheel which also has a disk brake on it.

These and other pictures and info can be found near the bottom of;

EM or PM if interested.