Well hell, I always wanted one, but I would prefer one that has all the odd bits (self leveling headlights and all) functioning, and buying it from someone who doesn't read as a complete kook. And I quote :

"Hello. Stop everything you are doing. This is the most important Craigslist ad you will read today; indeed, the most important one you will ever read. In fact, when, as an elderly person, you look back upon your life, you will regard the moment you started reading this ad as the most consequential single instant in your entire life. Not only do you owe it to yourself to read this ad, see the car I am selling, buy it from me, and give me an above market price, but you owe it to your country, countries, or status as a stateless person (my condolences), and to the god, gods, or lack of god that you do or do not believe in (happy holidays). Failure to finish reading this ad will keep you wondering what you have missed in this lifetime.."

Regardless, it is a euro 6.9 up for best offer. And it has sheepskin all over the interior, even the back seat. I bet this guy has a stupid price in his head. I may have driven this exact car around 14 years ago. I was out looking at a 944 Turbo that I didn't end up buying, but the guy who was selling it had one that had rough paint but everything else looked the same. He had me park it at the bottom of the hill going to his house and floor it. I think I stunk of rubber for 2 week afterwards. It was glorious to drive