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So my girlfriend just sent me a link for this 71 BMW 2800 coupe. A few months ago she signed Corona as a client and they gave her a substantial monthly income boost. As such she has saved up and wants to get a classic car that she can park at my place and restore for the summer. She comes from a family with a bunch of old Mercs but seems to be pretty set on bmws of this vintage.


I think it would be a fun activity to do together but I don't want a basket-case that would cause too much stress for the two of us. I know these old bmws have touchy carbs (I'd just swap in some webers) and parts are hard to find but this one looks to be fairly clean and complete. I don't know any classic BMW mechanics in the Denver area but with a good tune-up and blessing from a professional set of eyes I think we could make a move on this one. Clearly I am looking for armchair point and shoot judgment here so... is 6k a fair price for this or is this 'dealer' trying to get a quick buck?


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