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NPOCP Cape Cod edition

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Browing my local Craigslist I came across this 1987 IROC-Z which the seller claims only has 22,000 miles and is "all original". It even includes the factory plastic wrap on the seats, foam door bumpers, and something called a "steering wheel shifter". Not much else is revealed about the car in the ad though, such as engine size (5.0 or 5.7?) and how or where it's been stored for over 25 years, nor are there any pictures of the front or rear. Perhaps the seller thinks this well-preserved example of legendary 1980's GM build quality simply speaks for itself.


At $17,995, it's slightly out reach for your typical third-gen Camaro shopper. Since not many people have $18k laying around, would the idea of adding this Mustang-fighter to your stable make you say "I'd Rely On Credit", or "It's Really Overpriced Crap"?

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