Today’s nice price or crack pipe is a bit different. Usually I find a random car off craigslist and poll the Oppo community to determine whether it is NPoCP. Well, today we are looking at something a bit more reasonably attainable.

Have you ever wanted to live like Aaron Kaufman on Fast ‘n’ Loud? Well Car Mechanic Simulator 2015 is your opportunity to live out that experience. You start out doing simple tasks, replacing brakes, changing oil, etc. Eventually, your skill tree grows and allows you to buy junk cars from auction and rebuild them into your dream machines or take on the challenge of flipping and selling the cars for profit. Car Mechanic Simulator is currently on sale for $3.59, or $4.49 for the small DLC pack.

Reviews seem to be leaning positive, but are mixed. Through my analysis of reviews and let’s plays, the game has some flaws. Most of these flaws are on the business/economic side. For example, cars are never worth less than what you pay for them (You can still go red if you spend too much in parts). Another is that there is no chance of the cars value not being the sale price (i.e. auction or negotiation on sale). Experience seems to be a bit nonsensical as it doesn’t seem to be related to the type, complexity, or duration of job. Many complaints are about the tedium and repetitiveness which is understandable in a game like this.


The only other games I have seen that even come close to this concept are Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed, which has great, but flawed buy/sell mechanic, and Street Legal Racing Redline, which has the most involved mechanic process I have ever seen. I have wanted a good car flipping/selling game and this may fit the bill, but is this game any good. It looks like a balance between a good simulator and those crappy random German simulators.


Has anyone played this game? Is it any good? Is it worth the $4.49 price tag? Is there better DLC that I should get? (I know it is only $5 but let’s have some fun).