As many people will know Ford sell huge numbers of pickups in North America. The F150 is their best selling vehicle and one of the best selling vehicles in the world. As fewer people will know we don't buy pickups in any number in Europe. Ford of Europe don't make them and the only one they sell is the Thai-built Ranger which is a slow seller. Your only other option is to buy a Transit chassis/cab and have a suitable body built on it.

This however has not always been the case. In the 1950s Ford of France had the Vedette, available as a car or truck. The car had the option of a Cotal electrically operated semi automatic gearbox which isn't a thing you see every day. Today however we're interested in the pickup. It's in Belgium, has a manual box and a petrol six, has allegedly done only 52,000 km and he wants €7,500. NP ou CP? Yours to decide.