Stumbled upon this lovely machine on my daily catch-up of BringATrailer, and am perplexed that somebody put the time into this. Not amazed, just perplexed.

So the builder started with what looks like a really nice FJ40, a car as many of you know is very desirable and stupidly expensive in restored condition. Even in beater condition these things seem to fetch the prettiest of pretty pennies. So he takes this truck, lifts it (not unusual), adds some scaffolding (getting weirder, also I can't imagine that would it would survive even the smallest of twists, still not that crazy), and then straps two massive pontoons to the roof in preparation of typhoon attack (ahhh there's the crazy).


So why did he stop? The ad states that the builder added a PTO drive (I can only assume it would tie into the rear diff?) that could power a propeller, but he didn't install it. So I guess when he said add, he meant put into the trunk. I mean Noah used paddles (or giraffe power, or maybe gorillas using giraffes as paddles? hmmm....) so I guess the near 3700 lbs of Japanese steel could easily be propelled by brute strength and forced labor. I am sure there will be dozens of skinny hipsters you could fish out of the coffee stained rivers that divide Portland from Vancouver. Perhaps some paddle wheel job with fixies as the engine might suffice.

Ok so with that sorted, how the hell do you get the pontoons down? Are you expected to drive along with them already strapped in? With only a bit of square metal tubing to keep it from being ripped off by submerged Smart Cars? The suspension sub frame seems to be mated right to it, meaning that if the pontoon didn't break off, it could very easily rip said suspension clean off, really leaving you in a pickle.


This whole thing smells of high tide, but maybe its salvageable? The ad states that the work could be reversed, and you'd be left with a not too shabby FJ40, albeit with a front suspension that just looks too far forward to my eyes. Or maybe you just move forward? Really embrace the doomsday fears and make the ultimate vehicle for that very specific instance? Maybe a team of genetically engineered giraffes with paddles for feet to ferry you around the newly doomed, fairly wet landscape? Maybe get those dermal implants on the sides of your neck so you can really, finally, live out your dream as Kevin Costner's unnamed hero from Waterworld?


What say you?!?!?

via 1977 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser Amphibian Project

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