The Porsche 914: a joint venture with VW to make an affordable sports car (like the Scioytabaru triples). Now, it isn't. Before it'll cost you $7,500 to buy this, today's cost is over $23,000. Here's the short but informative info.

  • never been restored
  • engine is in perfect condition
  • smooth engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • this very fast car will satisfy your need for speed


I don't think so with its air-cooled 1.7-liter flat-four engine from the VW Type 4, but it'll appeal to the very passionate petrolheads. Many say that this is a Porsche is a "village idiot in a family of geniuses", but in my opinion, it's the darkest side of the brand like the Saab 99 Turbo. Therefore in the present day, many Porsche enthusiasts would regret hating the 914 and start to appreciate it.

Enough chit-chat. Nice Price or Crack Pipe?