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NPoCP, from the '60s edition.

I came across a ‘65 Nova SS for sale today. I don’t have much information, but it appears to be a restomod set up to be a street-legal drag racer.

It looks like the rear was tubbed to fit bigger meat and it has skinnies up front. A full roll cage keeps it safe on the track and a full gauge replacement lets you know what’s going on under the hood. It looks like it is driven regularly with a coffee cup in the cup holder and a pile of paperwork/junk in the back seat.


The rear of the hood was raised just a hair, whether it was to make room for what is underneath or just poor fitment, it’s hard to tell. The rest of the body seems to be clean and straight with a fairly new spray of metallic blue on top.

I doubt the current owner built the car. I found an old ad where he was trying to sell it as a ‘69 last year. Perhaps he learned something in the process. One of the folders in the back seat had “‘65 Nova” written in big black sharpie letters. Everyone who showed interest must have thought he was smoking crack - his asking price was $32k.


What say you, Opponauts?

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