Here we have an odd chicken. A 1984 GMC Caballero, or, the only true car GMC ever made (Ok there was also the Sprint, but it’s the same thing, just older!) anyway, this particular 2-owner example has 123k on the clock, and is powered by a trusty old 305ci and Turbo-Hydramatic motor-Trans combo that has taken my (former) ‘88 Silverado well over 400k miles. According to the seller, it’s got a solid bed and body, and it doesn’t look like it has much (if any) rust, although that’s to be taken with a grain of road salt, because this is NJ. It does have a new water pump and new belts though! And comes with a cap AND cover for the bed, according to the seller. typical GM clear coat peel mars an otherwise straight and debt free body, but that’s to be expected. No interior pics, but how bad could it be? Price is $3000


So oppo, NPOCP?