EDIT: Totally forgot to post the link. I'm a dumb... http://m.mobile.de/portal/index.h…

So there's a 92 Audi 80 2.0E for sale an hour from me, and I need a car to get around my new home on top of a friggin mountain.

‚ā¨500 for an Audi sounds cheap to me, but this is 1 of 2 for that price near me now.

The translation mentions a fuel pump, so I called and he said they have it in the garage to see why it stopped starting, would call when they find out.

Obviously I'm not buying a broken car, but is like 650 us dollars to much considering I'm in Germany, and these are everywhere? Assuming they fix the damn thing of course..


Side note, not the actual picture, real ones after the link. I was hoping to bait an owner or 2, and be clued in on what to look out for.