1984 Dodge Daytona Prototype Pace Car ; But it now for $45,000

“The car was originally finished in 1983 and was the first Daytona Prototype body ever made. This car features totally unique body panels from that of a production Daytona. Built by SVI (Special Vehicles Inc.) Nothing on the outside will interchange from the standard car. The custom PPG paint still gleams as it did in 1984! The interior is a one off custom creation with plenty of gauges to catch your attention and keep you informed. Sitting on top of beautiful, ultra rare 16 inch Ronal Magnesium Wheels the car was specifically used as the PPG Indy Pace Car for three consecutive years. It packed 250hp, enough to make this thing see a top speed of 173.222 mph -very impressive for a front wheel drive 4-cylinder car in those days.”