Estimate £15,000–£25,000 (~$25k–$34k in Monarch-free democracy dollars).

I know that the general consensus is that a famous owner doesn’t really justify an inflated price, but this isn’t the Jag of some loser like David Cameron, Gordon Brown, or John Major, this is a Thachuar. The Iron Lady actually sat in the back of this Jag with a glass of scotch on her way to bail Mark Thatcher out of jail while watching the sinking of the Belgrano on a loop on the included DVD player.

Sadly, not even Maggie could get around restrictions leaper hood ornaments, which were banned in the UK in the 1970s. The ban, of course, was for pedestrian safety, which is somewhat ironic for a person who ordered mounted policemen to trample striking miners.

No matter what you think of Thatcher, you can’t deny that she was one of the most influential world leaders in modern history. Even people who hate her admit that, which is why this isn’t some ordinary Jag used by some has-been like John Major to drive door-to-door looking for hugs and peas. No, this is a heavily armored Jag. From the listing:


Ivory leather/charcoal trim, multimedia system including audio system, DVD player with video display screens in the rear of each front head rest, in-car telephone, 4196cc V8 petrol engine, 6 speed automatic transmission, liquid silver exterior, and armoured enhancement including titanium roof, ballistic steel armouring, under-floor Kevlar protection, bullet-resistant borosilicate glazing, tyres with run flat capability and six-piston Alcon mono-block brake callipers to the front and four-piston Alcon mono-block brake callipers to the rear, high-performance friction material brake pads, ventilated brake discs, passive suspension using specially strengthened and tuned Bilstein B46 dampers and bespoke ultra-high strength silicon alloy Eibach springs; together with a certificate of authenticity signed by the Secretary of State, Patrick McLoughlin and a Jaguar XJ Armoured brochure and user manuals

As a reminder, the X350 came air suspension stock, which means those specially strengthened and tuned Bilsteins are actually a practical upgrade for the money-conscious used Jag buyer. Not to mention that high performance friction material used in the brake pads.


There’s no mention of mileage, but, come on, it was owned by an elderly woman in one of the worst cities to own a car in the world, it’s probably not that much.

I’m voting NP. The only crack pipe here is the one Mark Thatcher probably left in the glove compartment.