Passed this on the side of the road this morning, being sold by a friend. Asking $7,995. I thought that was a lot at first, but then it really is unmolested, and it has 36,000 miles on it. Really. The engine looks good, and the rest of it looks like it spent most of its life, well, in a fire station. Straight body panels, no “real” rust, minus what you see in the bed. 4wd, 4 speed.

I want it, badly. The thing is, the guy selling it will let me borrow it any time, I can just leave my ‘72 in his yard, he likes to drive it since it used to be his. And I can tell he really likes it because it’s priced high enough that it won’t sell quickly. At least, that’s what I think. So it’s CP except when you don’t really want to sell it. He’ll probably get over 6k for it in the end.

Clean engine, and this guy isn’t known for just spiffing things up to make them look like they don’t have leaks. He puts things out there in their true form. So this engine is really pretty clean for an unrestored ‘61.

Not much to say about the interior, except that it hasn’t been ruined.


I love that it has the axe mount, with an axe in it. I wish it had the water cans too. I’m sure you could source those. I also love the extra backup lights, controlled with a switch on top of the dash. Backup lights are usually woefully inadequate, if they exist, on trucks like this.

I love everything about this truck. Built to be used for work, yet not beaten to death. I would be fine putting firewood or rocks or gravel in the bed. It would also be a head-turner anywhere, in a good way. My ‘72 F100 is universally loved by everyone who cares to say a word about it to me. I can only imagine the conversations this would start. PLUS it’s 4WD and a 4 speed. Did I mention I want it? Maybe he’ll take my ‘72 plus a few grand...