I have a 2004 RX8 as some of you may know, and I'm currently considering selling it to possibly fund another vehicle adventure(read: project), but I'm having one hell of a time figuring out what the car is really worth. From my research, an 04 seems to being for anywhere between $3500 and $10000 depending on condition and options. Now my problem arises from the fact that pretty much every RX8 out there has had an engine replaced at some point or another. There's 2004's with 20k miles on a new engine, and they go for a bit more, and there's ones with 60k on a new engine that are selling for $4000, it's all over the board. Mine is a fully loaded 2004, Lightning Yellow, with every option you could get on the car, it has 101k miles on it on an original engine that has good compression, it's got some dings and a few broken things on the interior(crack on passenger dash, common, and a broken AC knob) but all in all is in good condition, aftermarket exhaust(which is throwing a CEL because of lack of cat), and sitting on Tein H-tech springs, but nothing has been seriously modified. Now, KBB puts the value at somewhere around $6800, but that seems a tad low to me. So tell me Oppo, am I smoking crack or should I be happy to get $6800 out of it?