Last Friday, I came across a Mazda Miata/MX-5 ad that had wide bodykits and a removable hardtop. Unfortunately, 87.50% of the voters said...well, let Senor Chang do it. Anyways, let's continue the fun, and to continue the theme of "Cheap Thrills", I found an advert of the ageless hot hatch, the Volkswagen Golf GTI.


Known as the first hot hatch, the Golf GTI was a trend-setter for both the road and track. On its second mark, it doesn't look as appealing as the old one. Probably, it's because I got used to looking at the ad's photos more than Google Images. Why the owner of this GTI removed the red stripe off the grille?

Along with the missing red grille accents, this GTI comes with an aftermarket steering wheel, original dashboard, two doors and , I think, a sun visor. The owner didn't mention any additional things to the engine, so the car might retain the fuel-injected 1.8-liter four banger.


Likes: Rarity, GTI, original spec (hopefully), two-door version

Dislike: No mention of the engine specs or current condition.

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