NpoCp Soon to be Importable Edition

I’ve decided to spread the pain and torture of discovering all of the soon to be if not already importable cars available within a few hours drive of where I live in Germany.

I generally look for things registered up to the end of 1991 as I return home in 2017. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit scrolling through and local bookoo sites, and I need people to share my pain of a good find I can’t afford.


This week my buddy sent me a link for this 1990 318i manual with some questionable aesthetics but an apparently recent motor rebuild. It comes lowered with 2 sets of wheels and the original springs for only 4000 US dollars (obo).

I’m not fancy enough for a poll so I’ll just go through the comments and see if you guys think this is an e30 worth the trouble.

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