NPOCP: Subaru Baja and Forester.

So for months I have been trying to find a car I can do an (almost) even trade with my much hated gas-guzzling moving box known as the Honda Pilot. I have stumbled across two different Subarus (father says I must have AWD) that are about an hour away that fit the bill. Both are slightly older than my car, have roof racks, and have a manual.

2003 Baja: This ones going for $5999, looks to be in good shape (some scratches and a tear on the drivers seat) and has 114,000 miles on it. It is getting serviced right now so I wouldn’t be able to buy it yet, but they are fixing the head gasket (good news). I like the Baja, it’s really unique though I don’t know if it’s practical enough but it should suffice. Don’t like how it’s a 4-seater though on shorter trips a fifth can sit in the middle. Only issue I’ll potentially have is insurance since I think it’ll be classified as a Pickup. I have inquired about it and sent photos of my Pilot for evaluation but haven’t heard back...

2004 Forester: This one is going for $5,500, good in pictures and has about 130k on it. It has a really good carfax (shows a major servicing in December 2013) and I’ve heard these things are fantastic cars. I also really like the color on it. May contact the dealer today.


So any opinions or experiences with these cars? I just want a more fuel-efficient car for my last few years of college and potentially beyond.

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