NPoCP - totaled 86 944 edition.

So last month my sons 944 was totaled. Pics below. The car was in very good mechanical condition, it needed a paint job and some hail dents taken out, the dash had 0 cracks, drivers seat has some wear but no cracks, switches/motors all worked, engine was unharmed and just recently had timing belt replaced, transmission may be salvageable, rear and side glass is intact(front has a crack in it). The other guys insurance has offered me the car for $900. Should I buy it and part it out or just let them keep it. I'm on the fence with this as, I can see stripping it down I could net more than $900, but on the other hand I do not want to store parts for years and years. What do you guys think?


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">Should I buy the 944 from the insurance company and part it out?</a></noscript>

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