With 39K on the clock and the turbo diesel bringing home 27mpg, is this practically new right-hand drive Prado, the right price?

It sure does look like it's in great condition. And it has the ever popular chrome ladder, which somehow has fallen out of favor in American vehicles.

There's a nice list of added features over here, such as heated headlamp washers, and


front and rear seat heat - both important in Georgia. But really this sentence somehow sells if for me:

NO RUST, You could eat off the underside of the truck

I hate to think about HOW I would come to be eating off the bottom of the truck, but okay. Point taken.


It IS right hand drive, which would same getting used to, but you would do it in very stylish 80's seats:


All in all, it's about the nicest LJ71 I've ever seen. And I can say that with assurance, because I have seen many at all.

The question, as always, is it work the $25K?