since it seems to be npocp day on oppo, here’s my submission.

this is a 2002 jaguar xjr-100 currently listed for $12,900.

in 2002 jaguar was making the x308 version of the xj, which is built from 1997 through 2003. the “r” is the supercharged v8 edition, (ajv8) with 370hp, and 387 lb-ft. the “100" was a limited edition (only 500 built) version of the xjr, that came with the 19 inch wheels, pictured, drilled brembo brakes (also available through an R1 sport package), and charcoal leather upholstery with red contrast stitching, including on the momo-shift lever.

standard xj’s from this year, with typical mileage are asking $4-8k. equivalent xjr’s with the supercharged ajv8 are asking $7-10k. the xjr-100 had no upgrades to the engine over the xjr.


On paper, the car’s numbers are solid, but every review at the time puts this car in 2nd or 3rd place behind the e39 m5, or the e55 amg. it’s clearly not as sporting as an m5 nor as serious(?) as the amg, but it definitely still has some of that jaguar panache. and should it have been compared to the m5 rather than an e38 740i?


So what say you oppo? is 12,900 a good deal for a rare-edition jaaaaaaag?