The B-17 Flying Fortress Nine-O-Nine crashed shortly after takeoff from Bradley International Airport in Connecticut on October 2. Pilot Ernest McCauley and copilot Michael Foster were killed, along with five passengers. A total of 13 were on board at the time. While the report doesn’t do much more than paint as accurate a picture as possible of the events of that day, there are tantalizing bits about the type of fuel that was used that day, 100LL, that the pilot reported a “rough mag” (magneto) on the #4 engine, and that the propeller blades on the #3 engine were at or near feather at the time of the crash. It’s possible that they had actually lost both engines on the starboard side when they struck approach lights while trying to return to the airport. The final report is still more than a year away.

The preliminary report can be read here.


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