Somewhere in the scrap electronics warehouse I call my house there is an envelope containing $200 that I was going to use to get a couple of new tires, figuring bald ones on the back wouldn’t be a big deal. But after a few days of tearing the place apart I couldn’t find it and grabbed some cash from the ATM and picked up a few used tires. Winter hasn’t really hit St Louis yet so snow isn’t yet an issue, but it quickly could become one if the forecasts are to be believed.

Nothing fancy, just a matched set of Firestone Affinias with about 60% tread left. The shop says that they should be good for 25K miles, which means about four years given my new shorter commute. $45 each, mounted and balanced, which sure beats all the extra charges and fees most tire places add on. This should buy me enough time to track down those 17s I want from the 2003-2008 Mazda6. Installation was quite interesting as it looked like a NASCAR pit stop - the car hovering on four jacks and multiple impact wrenches humming away. Given that it’s 20 degrees outside I can understand why they don’t want to spend much time outside.


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