I’ve been keeping track of how many ski areas I’ve been to for a while now. My father and sister are in on the competition, and so far I’m losing, despite years of ski racing in the Northeast where I visited tons of obscure little hills. I believe my father is at 109, my sister is at 84, and I’m down at 65.

My 64th and 65th were both picked up in the past week, 64 being a town-owned rope tow in Lincoln, NH and 65 being King Pine, a small independent hill in Madison, NH. King Pine has THREE triple chairs and a tiny rope tow. The terrain is varied, with plenty of easy slopes but also a few legit steep ones. They even have 2 trails rated as Double Black Diamonds! Granted, these ratings are always relative. But this one was pretty darn steep!

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I took my kids down it because it was their first “double diamond” trail, and the conditions were soft and forgiving, so I knew they’d have no trouble. And I was right! They killed it. So proud.

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I don’t have a chance of catching my father, but it’s fun to try. My kids are at 9 already, which is outpacing their age. Maybe that’s a good goal for them, to stay ahead of their age for as long as possible.

Anyway, it was great to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful spring sun. Stay safe and stay sane out there, kids.

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