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Numbers Or Nah?

Finally got around to making a clock out of an old Pontiac hubcap like the ones that were originally on my aunt’s 1977 Firebird Esprit that I bought when I was 16, but never had the hubcaps on it. They were stored in the rafters of my grandparent’s garage and probably got thrown out before I knew to care. I saw them once when I was young, before I ever thought of owning the car, and forgot about them until years after I got rid of it in my dumb youth.

I had the old clock bits lying around from a NASCAR license plate clock my Father In Law got me, so I measured and drilled the hole in the Pontiac center cap


The threads weren’t long enough to pass through the entire thickness of cap, so it’s held in by tension at the moment but that’s fine I think.

There was a metal triangle shaped clip that held the cap in, but now that the clock bits are in way I had to slightly bend the locating tabs for the cap over to hold it in. Its fine. I think.


I mean, it looks like a clock, and it works. And that’s all that matters.

But do I use these numbers? Or different ones? Or none at all?

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