My roommate is planning on getting a new-to-him car when he gets a disability settlement in a few months and after much discussion, we've decided to get a pre-1996 Miata as stock as we can and upgrade it ourselves. He's never had a real project car before and he desperately wants a rear-wheel drive car with a manual transmission that's fun to drive, reliable, good on gas, and has a great aftermarket parts selection, which fits the Miata almost perfectly.

He currently drives a 2005 Ford Focus 3DR with a 5spd manual, but he's tired of FWD and is going to give the Focus to his girlfriend once the Miata is in a daily-drivable state and all major component upgrades are done.

Anyway, the point of this is that he can I were talking about having a 'Drive Day' once his Miata and my Audi are both ready for such an excursion. I told him I knew an awesome road about an hour north of us and while pulling it up on Google Earth and Google Maps, we started following it and wound up connecting it to a couple other roads and making one giant loop (nearly 27 miles all told) and as we sat there looking at it, we both had the same thought:

This is like the Nurgurgring of the Carolinas, only bigger. While the Tail of the Dragon is an amazing point-to-point drive and road trip experience, this is something more seemingly suitable towards spending an afternoon just enjoying our cars to the fullest extent without driving all the way to Virginia. Instead we can just do a few laps and head on home (which we mapped out to take us to and from home via HWY 176, which is an amazing road in its own right).

So Oppo, what say ye? Awesome drive or are we just kidding ourselves?

P.S. - The lap is meant to be taken clockwise, as the first section is nearly 2 dozen switchbacks and hairpins going down the side of a mountain.

Link to route on Google Maps: