This is well and truly stuck. Unsure how to proceed. Plus some project updates

Three weeks of ownership and this is far and away my favorite tool

I was trying to remove my rear sway bar and endlinks. Ended up getting one side off, then had to resort to the angle grinder to cut through the other endlink. So.... The good news is that the sway bar is out!

Bad news is I have half an endlink I can’t remove. Used a ton of PB Blaster, aggressive hammering, MAP torch, longish wrench... What’s next? The angle grinder can’t really get in there and my dremel tool would probably break a cutoff disk, overheat, or also not fit (worst purchase ever). What would you do? The nut is practically round, but the bolt on the backside is in great shape!

Gotta love the old never-been-touched suspension hardware on a 90's car. As of now I have the super beefy front bar put in and zero rear bar. The car drives wierd. Feels like I’m being pulled into turns a la fwd. Turn in is great, and if I’m really cooking the rear tires still break loose because of the whole “high temps/winter tires thing”. So.. Understeer to powerslide?


Future potential drivers passengers will be happy to know that after a rail modification there is now an additional 2 inches of leg room!

Desperately need a work bench and a decent vise
Now it fits the curve of the seat


Red seat - original position. Black seat - New, 2+ inches further back position.

AAlso thanks to everyone who helped out with the salary negotiations! Helped a ton!