If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln


Had this as a loaner while my car was getting serviced.


I was genuinely surprised on how terrible it was. Engine was loud and gutless. Brakes made intermittent weird noises and pretty sure the pedal just activated an on/off switch. The driver seat motor that is activated every time you start or stop the car is obnoxiously loud.


The only nice things I found were the stereo and the steering wheel.

A huge improvement over the giant Werther’s Original that Lexus sourced for my car.

While my car was getting some stuff done for the 150,000 mile mark, I had intended to explore the surrounding area and take some photos. But I forgot my dang camera in my car. Still did some exploring, but after it started raining I called it a day early and went back to the dealer.


Car still wasn’t quite done.


“Hi, Car!” (mimes heart shape)

Always have to take a gander at the LFA they have sitting there.


First time seeing an LC500 up close. I’m a fan of this color combo.


Those brakes! Dem wheels!


I want.

Got my car back shortly after and all is good. Still amazing.

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