This is the third year, all consecutive, that I’ve gone to the show, and each has been less impressive. Maybe that’s par for the course for an event that’s largely the same year to year, but I was disappointed. Also, some of the interesting stuff was new (to me) then - ND Miata, Ford GT, GT350, AMG GT, 2-Series...

Honda had the Civic Si coupe (fugly!), sedan, and Civic R on display... behind a fence. The NSX was also still behind a fence. Contrast this with Toyota’s 86, GS F, and RC F, all open. I just don’t understand where Honda thinks they’re going with the enthusiast community.

There was a Boxster you could sit in... at the Consumer Reports booth, where they were raffling it off. Otherwise no open Porsches.


The only Camaros were a ZL1 on a turntable, and a sit-in 2SS convertible, the absolute opposite of what I would be interested in (V6 1LE).

BMW had no racing or vintage cars on display at all. Two years ago, they had both street and racing 2002's if I recall correctly, and last year there was an M1, albeit up in the owners-only lounge.

No Alfa 33 Stradale or anything, as there was last year.

On the plus side, Volvo had a P1800 on the floor behind glass, instead of up in the rafters like last year. Kia showed several Stingers; the rear windowless triangle looked a bit weird, but honestly Kia’s overall effort is really impressive. Their current cars are among the most attractive on the market in my opinion, and they’re starting to flesh out their lineup. And the Stinger runs Pilot Sport 4S’s!


Also: why can’t I find a single piece of S2000 merch at this show?!

So yeah... I feel like that was a waste of my $17 and a few hours.