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NY License Plate Scandal

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This does sort of look like Cuomo rigging things to get the new Tappan Zee on the plate. It’s possible he’s not competent enough for that, and instead he just forced it into the finalist list because he named it after his dad (note: no New Yorker will ever call this the Cuomo bridge).

In any event I think top middle is the best the followed by top left. The bridge is clearly the worst. Making people get new plates sucks, but I wonder if they’ll cave on that. They tried the same thing when they introduced the yellow plates, but pushback meant they let people keep the previous plate (which was much more attractive IMO).


Regardless I’m glad Cuomo isn’t running for president, as much as I’m not a Biden fan (Vote Warren!), I’d like voting for Cuomo even less if he had won the Democratic primary.

Link in case of Kinja: Why the Internet Thinks Cuomo Rigged N.Y.’s License Plate Contest

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