To show they have been doing something to fight back against asshat motorcyclists, the NYPD put out this press release:

"Year to date (through Oct. 3), the NYPD has issued 5,498 summonses to motorcycle operators and seized 1,440 motorcycles, quad and dirt bikes - including 57 vehicles on Sunday, Sept. 29 - citywide.

Patrol personnel have made 437 arrests, including 187 for reckless endangerment or reckless driving. Other offenses include motorcyclists operating without a license or with a suspended license, without registration or insurance, or with altered VINs or license plate violations.

Across the city police have conducted 25 motorcycle-enforcement initiatives to deter and cite dangerous or illegal motorcycle and other motorized bike operation. This includes deployment of police helicopters which help to inform ground units of problematic areas."