If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

O.O WAT!!!!!!????


Pics and info after the jump.....


Hot Rod Lincoln! This is not your mother's luxury car, though all the luxury options do work: power door locks, seats, windows, power trunk and cold A/C. This car has approx. 3,000 miles on the new build. Start with shiny black paint, add some silver striping and tint the windows. Install a tied in roll cage. Wrap the seats with Charcoal leather with gray & black tweed insets. Next, just slide your hand around the Hurst shifter to slide through the gears. What was done in the engine compartment: 302 crate has been bored/stroked to a 347 ci. Vortech supercharged monster. When this car was dyno'd it flat lined at 675 HP at the rear wheels when it ran out of fuel. Increase that fuel line to 1/2" and who knows where it will go. This motor is paired with a late model Tremec 5-speed transmission, Ford 9" posi rear end with 4:11 Richmond rear gear and a 31-spline mosier axle. Front disc brakes and drum brakes at the rear. Also Trick and Flow Heads and Intake and MSD Ignition System. This car was built by Mike Williams. Wheels are by Weld: front wheels are wrapped in Starfire Flite-line 205/65/15, while the rear wheels are covered in Mickey Thompson Sportsman 33X 19.5X 15. You get all this and a reported 21 MPG!


I can appreciate the car, but I think this is a CP all the way..... T Hat HP number is a bold claim and an ad with no dyno sheet or underhood shots with a claim such as that make me leery......

Also, all that work and you keep the T-5 in a drag car? At the very least step up to a Tremec. I sincerely hope they beefed up the internals in that transmission to the hilt. Otherwise the first time you plug it into second at more than half throttle and it's done.....

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