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Obama: "Get Orrin Hatch on the phone."

I don’t know if Obama actually said that, but here is a real nice quote for why at least one republican senator shouldn’t be dragging his feet, from Merrick Garland’s confirmation hearing in 1997:

Mr. HATCH: “Madam President, I want to thank my colleagues who voted for Judge Merrick Garland. I believe they did what was right. With regard to Federal judgeships, we ought to do what is right. I take this job as seriously as anything I have ever done in the Senate. I want to thank my colleagues who voted with us for supporting the nominee… Now, I am upset—there is no question about that—because I think the finest nominee that I have seen from this administration is Merrick Garland, and I think he deserved Better”(than to wait 1.5 years for confirmation).

So Mr. Hatch, do you still take your job seriously?


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