As I’ve mentioned before, my odometer is reading all 8s and last time a mechanic used an OBD reader, the mileage was about 10,000 fewer miles than I knew I had on the Jeep.

No huge deal, I figured I’d start tracking it periodically (after adding 10k miles to each reading) with my own OBD-II reader once I replaced the one I couldn’t find.

However, now that I have one, I can’t read the mileage through the standard data views.


The best I can guess is that it’s not part of the standard set of data that Jeep officially supports, at least for my vehicle, and I have to use what one app refers to as a custom SAE sensor (or SAE PID).

Does anyone know how to configure one? I know the SAE PID to find the value, but apparently I have to define my own mapping to translate it.

Or any other suggestions on how to get the odometer reading?

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