I’m looking for insurance advice from the community or from insurance company employees.

My car insurance went up sharply this year. Some of the reasons behind the increase were higher claims in my area. I moved last year to a much quieter and safer area, but my neighbors seem to leave their cars unlocked and have had a rash of thefts from items within their unlocked vehicles including: purses, wallets, laptop computers, phones, cash, firearms, and sporting equipment. The insurance adjuster also said there were much more expensive cars in my new location. I balked at that one noting that there is one neighbor with a Jag (I know he bought it for less than 10K) and one with a Mercedes C series. The rest of the neighbors drive normal stuff. That is when I realized that most of my neighbors drive expensive trucks and SUVs and the garages are to small to fit them.


On to the question part of this post. My adjuster recommended signing up for the OBD2 tracking package to help reduce my premiums. I’m not sure what the “device” is looking for. If it tracks throttle position, that may be a negative for me. At full throttle, my DD takes about 14 seconds to get to 60 MPH. If it tracks acceleration instead, that’s a good thing for me.

Does anyone here care to share before and after data using these snapshot OBD2 devices?

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