Finally found a nice one to present. I feel these never got a fair shake next to 240's, or Honda's and the like but they clean up in autocross, drag, rally and Bonneville with a .29 c/d.

Your 1G DSM makes over 500hp? Congrats you potentially have a 200mph car. If you have an OK stock engine and the turbo from an evo3 you have a reliable, quick spooling 300hp car. People say they are heavy but really how heavy is 2900lbs nowadays? It can easily get down to 2600 just by removing interior pieces. The engine and trans work alone is worth 4.5K but most important the body/ inside is clean, which is rare. Down to the nitty gritty.


billet 7 blade holset hx40w with bep .70 t3 turbine housing, erl stainless t3 manifold,custom 3" v-band downpipe 1150cc injectors, busher street fmic, 38mm tial , 3in exhaust stainless mandrel bent turbo back, 2gmas, greddy bov

Engine Management:
Ecmlink v3(a slick management system specific to DSM's), uego 2000 wideband, hallman boost controller

Engine Internals:
bjs cylinder head port, polish, 1mm oversized valves, delta(hks grind) 272's, 4g64 crank(=2.4 liters), wiesco pistons, eagle rods, evo oil squirters,

Drivetrain Modifications:
shep trans, dogbox welded center diff, dogbox shifter,fidanza 2300 pp with act solid 6 puck, DSS 3.5 HD Driveshaft

Suspension Modifications:
rear kyb agx


Only issues I can spot it the rubberized window sill stuff cracking, which looks ugly by can be removed & resprayed. Also there is probably no reason for the bigass tach since its stroked to 2.4 liters.

It obviously has the stock springs but apparently those do great for amatuer rallies and rallyx. Just think...