Obligatory Brake Post

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The front brakes on my truck started hitting the squealers a few weeks ago. Frankly I’m shocked they lasted this long. They were last done in October of 2011, at 69k miles. Eight years and 75k miles on truck brakes, is not too shabby!


Anyways, I knew they needed to be done sooner than later. This weekend I took an impromptu trip up to Road America with my daughters, to see the IMSA race. I could hear my left front caliper sticking and dragging. When I rolled back into our town Sunday, they started grinding.

I dropped $314 on new premium rotors and pads, and remanufactured GM original calipers. Today I took them to my buddy’s house and we swapped them all out. By we, I mean he did it, and I passed tools and shot the breeze.


The passenger side pads had about an 1/8" of material left, one on the driver’s side had about 1/16" of material, and as you can see the other side was completely gone.

Hopefully these brakes will last as long as the last set!

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