Thanks to some fine-ish work on The Untitled Car Show and some emails, Toyota will be tossing me the key fob to a 2016 Avalon Limited Hybrid around this time next week!

(Same color and options as below)

Plan include:

A zillion trips around town for work

About 400 miles of freeway driving

Some “Can it Baby?”

A bit of “Can it IKEA?”

An Airport drop-off

A “Mom look at my cool car!” Lunch date

And a trip to watch Indycar at Sonoma (with Press Passes)

Anything in particular you want to see or hear about? Obviously Jalopnik already did the track thing, so I don’t have to pretend it’s a “HURRRR DRIVERS CAR” and can just relax for the most part.


Are you going to the race? Do you fancy an Oppo meetup?

(Photo cred: Toyota Avalon e-brochure)