Parades. If you've seen one, you've seen them all, right? My city's parade happens to go right in front of our apartment building, so we usually end up watching. It is fun to see the cars, and decide who I'm voting for in local elections based on what they're driving in said parade (Disclaimer: I'm not really that irresponsible. In fact, I've already forgotten who drove what). Here are some amusing and/or interesting cars and car related things that I saw.

1. Lots of people have Prowlers, apparently for the sole purpose of parades.

I mentioned this one on Oppo a few days ago, but there it is again. Another frequent appearance was that of the Acura MDX (Yawn). Another contender was the 'Vette, but mostly because one local candidate had four of them. A C3 Stingray, a C4, and 2 C6's.

2. A car being pushed

Okay, this by itself isn't that significant. Vintage cars can be temperamental, after all. This one was funny for 2 main reasons.

A: It was a Land Rover. It's always funnier when they break down.

B: There was a race car on a flat bed right behind it, furiously revving is engine. A car on the road not running, followed by a car on a trailer that was running.


3.These guys.

Okay a video is supposed to go here, but I'm having uploading troubles. It will have to come later. Basically, a local off road specialist shop gets a bunch of lifted Jeep Wranglers with huge tires and big teraflex rigs, and climb over each other's tires.

They do this every year. Always fun to watch. Sorry for the less than perfect video (to come later), but you get the point.


I didn't take a lot of pictures, because I thought the ones I took were turning out really horrible. Turns out, it was mostly just the sun making my screen look dim. Some other notable vehicles include:

The Aston Martin above, Shelby Cobra, Porche 914, Ford Model A, 50-something Thunderbird, and go-carts doing donuts.