While driving around yesterday, I realized that almost every time I see a Yaris T-sport or TS, it is being driven by older people, say 65+. I get the normal Yaris is mainly bought by people of this category, at least over here in the Netherlands that is. But I can’t really get why older people would buy the sporty version, which Toyota intended for young people. It’s not like the usual granddad/grandma needs a 133 hp city car which only weighs about 1000 kgs (TS), or 106 hp on 900 kgs for the older T-sport. Am I missing something about these maybe, that makes them the ultimate old peoples car?

By the way, most of them now move on to the Yaris Hybrid, which is kinda logical since it is marketed with a “free automatic”(which is no real automatic but just the Prius c e-CVT drive train), and is cheaper on the fuel.