Today’s focus was on event number 3.

1) Karmic justice is always delicious. Mr. Business Executive in a Nissan Sentra, phone in one hand and gesturing wildly with the other while tailgating. Goes to pass by going to the far right lane but lacks the pickup to go around anyone. Gets stuck behind a minivan.

2) Old, beat, riced out Lancer with the letters EVOLUTION VIII across the back. Wasn’t level. Think of this as you will.

3) Traffic was boring but over my music I heard a captivating rumble and looked to my left.


The stars aligned, traffic opened for a brief second, and I saw the R8. I magically got this picture thanks to the potato’s ability to activate the camera by twisting your wrist...then snap away blindly and hope for the best. I spent the next 12 miles staring at DAT ASS. An R8 has a lovely hindquarters.

What did you see on your commute today?