NSFW due to language because here comes the rage.


Yes, you. Lady in the shit brown fuckin’ Honda Civic. Here’s some breaking news for you (and the fuckin’ Corolla S that nearly caused a half dozen accidents before you). A turn signal is used to alert others to your intent not to indicate what you are already fuckin’ doing. So when you signaled to change lanes as you were doing it, you weren’t completely in the wrong. Most people don’t signal.

Where you went wrong, though, was when you changed lanes AS I WAS FUCKIN’ PASSING YOU ALREADY! The front of my car was next to your fuckin’ face you dumb shit. You didn’t even glance to your left!

I had to swerve hard left over the rumble strip because YOU KEPT ENTERING MY LANE AS I WAS LEANING ON THE HORN! I clipped the snow on the side of the road and you took your sweet-ass time to get back in your place.


Then you had the audacity to fuckin’ look at me...ME?!?!?...when you did a spite pass? Fuck you bitch. Go take your dog shit covered (seriously...not even my car is that dirty) shit brown car and square off against the aforementioned Corolla in a fight to the death. I’m sure the competition would be intense and your rear fenders would be well dented. My day would be better for it.

You fuck.

Oh, and I left my baked mac and cheese lunch at home. Fuckin’ a.