So, I was previously married while I was in the military. TL:DR was got married, moved to Japan. Got medically retired and eventually divorced.

I moved back to Ohio, while she stayed in Japan. We were married in Oklahoma, and divorced through Guam since no lawyer around me wanted to work with this weird arrangement.

Anyway, I need my divorce decree from Guam since that’s where the divorce was finalized. I called some Guam public records office and was given an email address to a guy named J Roberto that works in the Guam courts. Hopefully he responds and helps me with obtaining the decree.

I’ve been trying to get this thing for the last month and this is literally the furthest I’ve got. Due to my childish ex wife, I never actually received anything other than a facebook message saying it was finalized in early 2012. No paperwork other the papers I needed to sign and send back for the divorce to be official.

Whether the lawyer actually sent them and they were lost between Ohio and Guam, or the lawyer never sent them, or she never sent them.

The reason for needing this decree is to officially remove her from my medical benefits which she uses from time to time. The military won’t remove her without the decree, I’ve asked. Plus I’ve been paying 20 bucks a month since the divorce for her “survivor benefit plan”. Whatever that’s for. Which I’m out that money, I’m not worried about it.

Anyone got a hookup on someone who can get a Guam divorce decree? So I can officially remove her from my life before the military tries say she’s entitled to this or that and I’m screwed.