Driving down I-405 today, my faith in humanity was reaffirmed, as I followed a jet black Benz...

That's a brand new 2014 AMG E63 S wagon wearing dealer plates, rolling deep into Orange County.


That AMG E63 S is pretty hardcore machine, with a 577 hp / 590 ft-lb twin-turbo 5.5l V8 underhood, using LSD and 4WD to put it down. That's some serious stuff there, my friends. And unless you know the badging, the wagon body makes it's a total sleeper. Probably worth every penny of its $125k? sticker price.

But the best part?

The driver.

Gorgeous blonde with luxurious hair and toned body, driving with authority. No fear to open it up when passing.

Not only are the Real Housewives of Orange County better-looking than the average Oppo, they also have better taste in their daily drivers.

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