So after getting about 5 hours of sleep, I peeled myself out of bed for the second time this weekend, and hopped in the car for an hour and a half to go look at more cars. To say I'm glad I did is a massive understatement.

300SL convertible (second one of the weekend).

This is another of the continuation series Cheetahs (originally built by Bill Thomas). These cars are incredible, and if you ever see one, it's quite the treat. The owner of this Cheetah knows the owner of the one that's by me. They're slightly different interiors and layout, but structurally, very similar cars. In a nutshell, they're insane.

I finally found a shifter that compares in the "cool-factor" to the Volvo Spaceball.


Factory Five 33 Hot Rod made an appearance.


GT-R. Looks familiar, doesn't it? Didn't get a chance to get much closer, got distracted by admittedly cooler things.



Second Isetta 300 of the weekend.


Nice blue wrap, not so concerned with the car.

Saw this originally with MountainCommand at the Orange County Fair Stancefest


Courtesy plate says it all. Never popped the hood though.

More to come as I get through them, but overall, I spent a long time talking to other people about the SL600 Sport. A local artist always wants to draw it, so more on that later, and trust me, it'll be the best SL600 Sport ever drawn.

Didn't bump into any other Oppos, I saw a couple familiar faces, but no one stopped to chat this time. Saw Larry Kosilla, but he looked like he wanted to finally enjoy a show with his car, so I didn't bug him this time.