My neighborhood is two streets of mid-to-upper middle class homes (3-4 bedroom, 1.5 to 2 bath) and it connects to a neighborhood of bigger, more expensive homes (4-5 bedroom, 3-4 bath). The bigger home part has HOAs and all that. It’s mostly rich, old people. That’s why this one house on the corner of the middle street perplexes me. For as long as I can remember, these three cars have sat in the driveway in various states of disrepair.

My friend’s parents live up the street, so I knew this neighborhood even before I lived close to it. This household also has a Mercury Topaz of the same vintage as the Tempo pictured here. Their newest and only other car is a Lincoln Zephyr (what the MKZ was known as when it was first introduced).


It’s certainly different than the 47 or so other driveways, many of which contain Lexus RX SUVs and/or loaded up minivans of some type.