Project Architect: “Hey Bman, we’re short a volunteer for Junior Achievers, can you help?”

Me: “Suuuuu (remembers what Junior Achievers is) rrrrrreeee.”

Project Architect: “Alright! You’ll be teaching business and entrepreneurship to 2nd graders on Tuesdays for the next 6 weeks”

and... that’s how I became a 2nd grade teacher on accident today.

My scheduled post to LaLD went up shortly after (#shamelessplug)


Just before lunch my project Architect asked me to join a really exciting project, and that they were going to put a trial of my favorite drafting software on my computer so that I could do some conceptual design work!

Went home for lunch, discovered that I had no food for lunch... great.

Luckily the afternoon went by fast since I was doing my favorite kind of work.